How it all began

Brandon was the only child of Mark Sterken.  He was 17 years old when he took his own life.  Brandon was a star football player, offense, and defense, in Gillette Wyoming.  He was well-liked and was always creating laughter at school.

Mark Sterken founded Neverforgotten77 because he will never forget his son, whose football number was 77.  He started out attending a suicide grief group at Highland Park Church in Casper Wyoming.  Becoming a teacher, he was given the opportunity to branch out and start his own group.  2015 the group was named Neverforgotten77 and started being held at Calvary Chapel Casper and is still there.  Tina Clements started attending the group during the summer of 2015.  She had lost her husband to suicide.

Brandon Kodey Maurice Sterken

11/18/1994 – 01/29/2012

Tina completed the Neverforgotten77 program.  Tina and Mark became good friends.  In October 2016 we were married.  Together we continued to facilitate the group.  Both are members of the Natrona County Suicide Prevention Taskforce, as well.

Norman Jefferey Clements

03/30/1961 – 12/07/2014

Anna was Tina’s oldest child.  She was 35 when she took her own life.  She was a mother of two boys.  Suffering throughout her life with bi-polar disorder and OCD, she was not able to take medications, as she would have horrible side effects.  She worked diligently, daily, to keep herself going and be a good, single mother.

After the death of Anna, we decided that we need to do more for our community.  We organized a poker run, dedicating it to our loved ones.  During the preparations, we began the process of becoming a nonprofit.  As of August 2019, we are a 501c3.

Anna Marie Wilson (Stinson)

01/23/1983 – 11/05/2018